Monday, July 30

Tag: You're It!

This is my first time being tagged. Charmaine is my long lost stamping friend from the old Divas stamping group... she found me out in blogland!!! She is a total sweetheart with bubbly excitement - and Girl, she can STAMP!!!

Okay now... I need to post seven little known facts about me. Hmmm, that's tough, let's see...
1. I married my highschool sweetheart while on a mission trip to Panama!
2. I accidently vacationed for 7 hours in Fiji.
3. No furry pets at our house... we have an 80 pound African Silcada tortoise named Tank.
4. I detest ironing... in fact I had a job that lasted 2 visits assisting an Indian woman... but I was fired when I burned her husband's silk shirt.
5. I do not have cable television (which is why I have time to stamp).
6. I was on tv when I was in 6th grade - on TBN's One Way game show featuring Bible memory.
7. I use to eat peanutbutter on my hotdogs, but now I'm much more civilized and eat it on my pancakes.

There you have it. Email me and let me know how many of my seven items were 'new news' to you!

Now then... I am going to tag my two favorite people in the world:

My MOM! -

Stampingly Yours & His,

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