Tuesday, September 2

Some day my fairy will come...

Forget about the prince... a six year old little girl has bigger things to think about... like dreaming that one day she will lose a TOOTH and her fairy will come!

Of course, my brother dispelled this vision for my own little sister.  Instead, he told tales of a big ugly TROLL who liked to hunt for loose teeth and would actually dare hike across your face and snatch them from your sleeping lips.  

Howdya like that for big brothers!!!

Well, my little six year old girl is waiting - and waiting - to lose a loose tooth.  So we created a beautiful tin watchmaker's palace for the pearly whites to reside in when they finally do shake loose.

The tin is decorated in Stampin' Up! supplies we had around the craft room.  Retired Slumber Party paper in fanciful pinks and plums made perfect backdrops to IF THE HALO FITS - a SU! Dormant stamp (which means you can purchase it but it isn't displayed in the catalog).  Of course, a fairy isn't complete without some ribbon, glitter, hodgepodge hardware in styled silver, pink reinkers and crystal effects!!!!


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KRISTIN said...

Aren't big brothers wonderful! lol :) I love this idea and it is soooo cute! We are also awaiting the exit of a loose tooth. We have the last one in a jar like these decorated with ribbon - but now I think we need a case! Just may have to swipe your idea!