Monday, May 21

Spell That?

Thunderclap - did I hear you right? Could you please spell that??? OooooooooooK!
My brother and his wife are adopting a baby - THIS WEEK. However, they will not reveal the name they have selected, if they even have one chosen yet! So my sillyhead bro began referring to the baby as Thunderclap Neuman!
This card coordinates with a blanket my friend made (don't you love doing that?) for the baby shower. I think this is the happiest color on earth - this Cool Carribbean. But to put it next to Chocolate Chip makes it even yummmmmier.
Charlie has some adorable baby goodies at that you will want to check out!!! I never did learn how to sew... took a class but my mom finished all my projects for me - usually at a very unreasonable hour. Yeah Mom!
Fontastic & I'm Here
Cool Carribbean, Chocolate Chip, Irridescent EP

Mooooood Lift

I pulled out an old favorite retired set the other day.

My Scottish cyber-stamping, bovine-loving friend needed a bit of cheer if even for a brief moment.

Enter the COW.

Who doesn't love cows - espcially one in a floral moo-moo??!! A little tilt of the hand and this cow was sure to 'lift' her moooooood...

I was udderly excited to hear that it did just that!!!

Birthday Banter & Daisy Field Wheel - Aqua Painter

Sunday, May 20


Howdy Neigh-bor!

Devin and I enjoyed making this personalized journal together for a neighborhood friend who is a huge horse enthusiast!

It was a fun gift to give... Logann is 9 years old and can't wait to start her horse diary using a different tab for each of her favorite horses down at the ranch! She was especially delighted to have her name on the front as she doesn't find many items that spell her name like she does.
Ooooo... I can agree with that! I remember turning many a display rack of items only to find Shannon and Shawna but, alas, no SHAUNA!
And never with an exclamation mark!!!!!
Bareback & Rough Edges Alphabet
Art Journal, Rounded Tab Punch