Sunday, May 20


Howdy Neigh-bor!

Devin and I enjoyed making this personalized journal together for a neighborhood friend who is a huge horse enthusiast!

It was a fun gift to give... Logann is 9 years old and can't wait to start her horse diary using a different tab for each of her favorite horses down at the ranch! She was especially delighted to have her name on the front as she doesn't find many items that spell her name like she does.
Ooooo... I can agree with that! I remember turning many a display rack of items only to find Shannon and Shawna but, alas, no SHAUNA!
And never with an exclamation mark!!!!!
Bareback & Rough Edges Alphabet
Art Journal, Rounded Tab Punch


slaydenmom said...

can't help but notice the late must be tired from staying up soooooooooooo late! Cute journal!

Katie! said...

Very very cute! Did you use the spiral punch to cover this?!