Sunday, June 10

Howdy Baby Jacob!

Baby Jacob was adopted into a horse-lovin' family... so this little cowpoke will look great in his stable (I mean bedroom)!

Decorating tins is easy and fun! Your best adhesive for gravity defying projects is sticky strip. Glue dots and dimensionals work well for adding additional elements to a tin - like the ribbon and twine for a lasso.

There are so many great ways to use these once some paper has been glued on. This tin is holding 8 photo dividers for the first year until Mommy has time to scrapbook them (which amazingly I think she is caught up so far!!!)... and it also holds a plaid shirt and denim shorts.

Can you think of ten more uses for a personalized tin?

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slaydenmom said...

a GREAT place to keep hairbows...ours are all over the bathroom. also, a decorated paintcan is good for socks and hairbows.