Monday, June 18

Snappy Birthday

This little lady is from the summer mini catalog - Crab & Company. It was a 'he' lookin' crab... but a few eyelashes and some makeup made 'her' look adorable!
So if you have some birthdays to celebrate... he or she... this fun lovin' crab can help you celebrate - in a snap!


Katie! said...

So super cute Shauna! I love the idea of making the crab into a girl! Or "princess" as Brianna would say!

slaydenmom said...

hey, cute little birthday crab...isn't your favorite sister's birthday around the corner? I bet she would LOVE a cute little crab card!!!

paperfrenzy said...

Hee, hee!!! SO CUTE, Shauna! And, I don't know about yourt favorite sister's birthday, BUT doesn't your favorite 1st-downline need a cute card like that?!? LOL!!!