Saturday, October 6

Pretty Mantis Pumpkin Patch!

My sister is CORRRRECT!!! I need to post a picture of my munchkins on my blog!

Since the temperatures dropped nearly 40 degrees yesterday, the fall chill whispered in my ear...


So off we went to the Faux Pumpkin Patch! There is only one REAL patch in Las Vegas... and it is at the far extreme end of town and is only open during the mornings hours. So we went to the KMart shopping center pumpkin patch instead.

To our delight... the pumpkins had just arrived and were not picked over yet. We selected a nice plump pumpkin and a taller oblong pumpkin. When Shaela picked up a cute pint size pumpkin, it had a bonus gift! A little praying mantis was perched on it! She still calls this bug a 'Pretty Mantis' and I don't want to correct her... it's just too cute!

Shaela - 5
Devin - 7 (for 7 more days)
Dominic - 9
Mommy - Angels don't Age


Annie said...

Great pics! I'm good friends with your crazy sis. We met when you visited last summer. I love looking at pics of your family, keep them coming!

slaydenmom said...

well, i am glad you finally posted a pic...however, who are those boys with you? cannot tell ...if th
e0y are really yours or not...nice hoods...glad you had a good time!