Saturday, December 1

Dash Away ALL!

Don't you just LOVE the Dashing designer paper too?

Starbucks Mocha bottles are transformed into a fun gift-giving idea. How many things can you think of to put inside the bottles? 

Here is a starting point: erasers & thumb tacks, kisses & malt balls, cocoa powder & marshmallows

Boxes are easily made from 6x6 squares of paper... just score a tic-tac-toe, fold, staple, and embellish (of course)!

Half inch strips of paper curled around a pencil turn glass ornaments into an eye full of delight!

Recipe: Dashing paper, scallop punch, rhinestone brads, Love & Joy, real red, old olive

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Morwenna said...

Ooh, these are lovely Shauna!