Wednesday, July 16


I did it!  I put a little Happiness in Shaela's bedroom!  I thought I would put up a small Decor Element for my first go at it.  It was really simple!  (note to self... white shows up better on darker wall colors!).

The steps are simple and are included when you purchase the Decor Element.  Mark the grid on your wall with a pencil.  Rub the entire transfer so it is no longer sticking to the grid sheet.  Peel the grid sheet off.  Place sticky sheet with element on your wall right in the corner marks you made.  Rub, rub, rub!  Peel off the sticky sheet.  Yippeee!!!!

Remember!  My Shauna Special for Decor Elements includes a FREE Classic alphabet letter with each $20 purchase... now through July 23rd!

Shaela said that the Happiness is so light that you need to look for it.  And you know what???  That is so true of happiness.  It is always there.  You just need to look for it.


KRISTIN said...

Those are GREAT! I'm eyeing the "create" one for my scrap room wall :) It may have to wait until we move though.... Hope you are well - was nice to see you at VBS this past week, although brief! Kristin

Katie! said...

Looks awesome Shauna!!!!
Can I tag you again? Check out my blog for details!!